Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Compare And Contrast Lucie Manette And Therese Defarge

Throughout the course of the novel A Tale of Two Cities, numerous comparisons and contractions can be made between the main characters. The showcased women, Lucie Manette and Therese Defarge, differ exceedingly for their response to opposition but relate strongly for their definitive influence on others. Compassionate, humble, and raised as an orphan, Lucie Manette is depicted as a strong young woman who became a savior to her. Madame Defarge distinctly contradicts Lucie’s state of mind for she feeds off of revenge. The author, Charles Dickens, presents them in part to reflect the prevalent theme of resurrection, characterizing them through actions, attitudes, desires, and values. Breaking down their characteristics and relation to the†¦show more content†¦While young, Defarge witnessed an aristocrat named Evrà ©monde invade her house, raping her older sister and stabbing her brother. Since then, she has sought revenge against the Evrà ©monde family and will stop at nothing to exterminate them from the earth. The Madame is even in high favor of killing the innocent Lucie Manette and her daughter because they were married into the Evrà ©monde family. Though this happened long ago, she responds with ruthlessness and bitter anger consistently. Lucie Manette alike has suffered through many trials such as being the caretaker of her father in her twenties which she felt was degrading - for she was to be courting for marriage at this time, not acting as a housewife to an enfeebled old man. Additionally, her husband was convicted and almost sentenced to death for returning to his home country of France. She responded with prayer and being in a certain area for her husband to see her. When he was finally released, Lucie and her family â€Å"reverently bowed their heads and hearts† (292). This exhibits Lucie response to misfortune in a elegant manner and separates her from Madame Defarge. Recurring throughout the novel, the theme of resurrectio n plays a compelling role for the Madame and Lucie. For Madame Defarge, she does the exact opposite ofShow MoreRelatedTale of Two Cities4458 Words   |  18 Pagesthis chapter does Dickens reveal his advocating social reforms, as well as his hatred of social injustice? 7. How does this first chapter involve the first books title? Book I, Chapter 2: The Mail 1. In this chapter how does Dickens contrast the characters of Mr. Jarvis Lorry and Jerry Cruncher, both employees of Tellsons Bank? 2. On what precise date does this chapter open? 3. Why is the coach-guard suspicious of the lone rider who has demanded to see Mr. Lorry? 4. What

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