Saturday, April 18, 2020

Landmark Cases free essay sample

Bosignore v. City of New York Virginia Bonsignore filed law suit the City of New York for damages and negligence in having her husband, a New York City Police Department, to have a gun located with him whenever and wherever he went. Officer Bonsignore shot and injured his wife and than took his own life. Virginia tried to sue for the wrongful death of her husband. Although the suit wasn’t considered she awarded compensative and punitive damages. She was holding the city of New York liable for her damages and her husband’s death. Estelle v. Gamble, (1976) Right to Treatment This case discussed the right to treatments of the prisoners needing medical attention. The court stated that each and every inmate must provide some form of documentation that provides reasoning to have medical attention. In Estelle, the had court that ruled inmates must prove the officials were trying to not agreeing on the health and medical needs of the inmates. We will write a custom essay sample on Landmark Cases or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Medical attention is very important for the needs of everyone within the prison facility. Rigging v. Nevada, (1992) Right to Refuse Treatment This allowed the courts to rule that if an inmate needed medical treatment and decided to refuse it, this wouldn’t be a very wise choice. Therefore the US Court ruled that if an inmate is announced as being unstable or having a mental illness, they can still be given medical treatment without agreeing or choosing to do so. This was allowed because the safety of everyone would be at risk. McKune v. Lile, (2002) Coercion According to the case, prison officials required that inmates were to participate in a sexual treatment program (SATP). Lile alleged that prison officials took his privileges because he wouldn’t participate in the SATP. Lile also included that he felt his rights were being violated relative to the self-incrimination 5th amendment rights. The US Court was pro Lile’s complaint because they believed the SATP is important in assisting prison rehab. No coercion could have been performed since restructuring privilege from inmates is a part of prison management. This case is also relative to how treatment and commitment of sex offenders are conducted. Whereas, would be beneficial in order that Lile might become fully rehabbed from participating in the SATP, which is an approach to discipline sex offending. Most importantly, treatment programs can help psychologist to evaluate inmates to see if they are capable to be released back into society.

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