Monday, February 10, 2020

Discussion prompt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion prompt - Essay Example In effect, Henry is saying that going to college is a mere excuse to party where students do not learn anything except to have fun. College is reduce to a mere rite of passage and not a way where can be enlightened or educated. When Henry mentioned that college is a mere rite of passage, it was in fact a statement of condescension if not derision because college is no longer a source of education where one can learn and get better but something that a person has to go through just like a ritual. And one does not necessarily learn anything when he passed through a ritual. When it is reduced to a mere rite of passage, it is like comparing college to male circumcision which is a rite of passage among males in certain societies to become â€Å"certified adult†. I do not necessarily agree with Henry that college is a mere rite of passage because people who go there have actual cognitive intelligence to overcome the academic rigors of college. There mere act of going there and going through the entrance tests are already enough justification that people who go to college are educated and has the right attitude to succeed in life because of their effort to be better through academic institution. Even assuming for the sake of argument, people who go to college are generally educated even without the formal credentialing compared to those who did not go to college. This attests that college is not a mere rite of passage but rather an actual learning process where students study to be

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